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Layla singing Survive

Layla is a Pop/Soul/Blues singer-songwriter and recording artist from Lafayette, Louisiana.


She first performed publicly at the age of eight and her work is a testament that she is an old soul. Listen to her powerful music and you will find she is capable of writing with emotional nuance.

Layla’s ability to tell a story through music is an important part of how she processes her feelings. Rather than traditional journaling, she writes songs. She just released her first 10-song full length album which was recorded at the famous Dockside Recording Studio’s.

Layla singing Survive 2022
 Musician Layla in the Studio in Louisiana

Some say that Layla’s voice has drawn comparisons to that of a young Adele and Amy Winehouse.  To her, that is obviously very flattering. Just think what is to come in the future as she continues grow in music.


And, while it’s still early in her music career, she has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the most recognized local and regional musicians here in the Lafayette area.


Layla’s hope on this journey is to be able to write, sing and perform her music for the world to enjoy and for those that do listen, to be moved and inspired.


After a hiatus from the public to record the new music and film new videos, Layla is excited to be performing again in support of her new album and give audiences the opportunity to experience the music in a live environment.

Layla Musician in Louisiana
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Layla released her
full album with 10 tracks
on August 5, 2022.

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With a social media presence, electric personality and the love of writing, recording  and performing, her star will continue to rise and the best is certainly yet to come.

Musician Layla with Band
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